Time for an Update

The time has come to update my site. This time, I’m using Jacob Fentress’s all-in-one Jekyll template. So far, it’s a blast.

Seeing Continual Progress

It’s easy for me to say that the print files I’ve worked on over the years are complete. When a print file is designed, we send it to the printer, they send back a proof and we either “Sign-off” on it or make adjustments. If we sign-off, then the job is complete. The web, however, is a different story. It’s consistently shifting, always changing, updating, upgrading, adding new technologies and languages, and seemingly always two-steps ahead of us. While it may seem at times that we can never catch up, we cannot lose hope and we must keep persevering. Our persistence will pay off with increased knowledge, better web-practices and better designs.

The Quest for Knowledge

In my own personal quest for knowledge, I’ve decided to move my site over to Jacob Fentress’s all-in-one Jekyll template, titled Air-Drop. Right now, I’m running an older version, yet I’ve used newer versions and I’ve gotta say that both new and old versions are great. I highly recommend heading over to the Guerilla Labs Github Page and downloading Air-Drop. You won’t be disappointed.