Robot Illustrations

I had to get back into the groove of illustrating last year. Being overly busy had hampered my illustration efforts for too long. So, last year, I illustrated something every day. It felt great and really got my creative juices flowing again. This year, I’m creating more detailed illustration work and creating one finished piece per month.


As the year began, and I mulled over what to work on, and what to draw, I landed on drawing pop-culture mash-ups and parodies in the form of robots. In particular, I am focusing on comic and cartoon characters as robots. I started with a Turtle Bot and moved on to others from there. My favorite so far has gotta be RoboClops. He’s just the perfect mash-up of Robocop and Cyclops.


Stay tuned for more

Each month, I plan to release a new robot illustration to the wild. Only a few months left in the year, but stay tuned to see what’s next.