Nothing is Ever Complete, and That's Okay

One of the great things about a personal blog and portfolio site is the ability to make slight adjustments at any point, as time allows. It’s a work-in-progress that can be improved upon at any time. Even though other projects may take precedence over my personal blog, I’m consistently thinking of ways to upgrade my site and create a more enjoyable experience for both me and you. With that in mind, I’ve been working on a way to improve my site’s legibility.

Legibility Concerns

For a while, my site on desktop has had a large max-width on its containers, almost too large. With such a large width on the content, the paragraphs stretched a bit far. I’m a big fan of basing font-sizes (at least loosely) on the golden ratio, so the sizes of the letters and line-heights were looking pretty good, but the line length was a bit too much at the largest breakpoint. As such, I’ve gone in and adjusted the max-width of most paragraphs to stop at around 700px. This creates a much more reasonable character-count of about 80-90 characters and lessens the potential strain on the eye from having to move from one side of the screen all the way back to the other side.

Constant Improvement

It’s important for us to continue to improve on our work over time. If we stay stagnant with our work, we don’t learn new challenges, new processes, or new solutions. We don’t increase our knowledge-base. The great thing about the web is that once we realize that nothing is ever complete, we are halfway “there”. To make it the rest of the way, we just have to apply ourselves to make adjustments. A site can always be adjusted, changed and enhanced.

With that consistent improvement in mind, I’ve got some plans for a user-friendly portfolio navigation that I’m looking forward to implementing.