My New Year's Resolution

New Year’s resolutions. Fun to make…easy-to-break…but if you pick the right one, then it can help you relax and spark creativity. That’s why my resolution is to draw more…

Relaxing Creativity

Ever go to the spa, or get a massage, just to kick-back and relax? It can be relaxing, rejuvenating…and it can make you feel refreshed once it is complete. That’s what drawing does for me. I have loved drawing, ever since I was a young kid…I’d always have a sketchpad nearby to draw some cool comic and cartoon heroes. I’ve done a lot of drawing and illustrating, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt like it cause me great stress or wore me down. In fact, it’s always done the opposite. Once I pick up a pencil, a copic marker, a Wacom pen, or some other drawing utensil, I almost immediately get drawn into what I’d like to call a zen-like state. It’s a state of focus, as I try to make sure my lines and colors are placed appropriately…but it never feels like a pressurized state. It’s more of a soothing and relaxing way to nurture my creative mind.

The Resolution

For 2018, my resolution is to draw more. As a Web and UX Designer with a full-time career and freelance, I don’t always find the time in a busy day to sit down and draw what comes to mind…but when I do, I know that I feel empowered and refreshed. As such, my resolution aims to set aside more time to draw. Doing so will help me relax, unwind, and increase the flow of creative juices.

I’ve already started a few drawings for 2018, and I can feel the benefits already. If you’d like to see the drawings, check ‘em out below, or visit my Instagram in the coming weeks and months to see more updates.

Here’s to a drawing-filled, creativity-inducing 2018!

2018 drawings